CCTV Health Checker

CCTV System Health Checker

For a low monthly fee, we can remotely monitor your CCTV systems to ensure they are fully operational and fit for purpose. We automatically check the following and notify you of any malfunctions including:

01 Connection Issues
02 Image Integrity Issues
03 Recording Issues
04 Camera Failures
05 Date and Time Inaccuracies

Discounts are available for multi-site operators. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

How Does It Works?


Maintenance Checks

Our solution automatically logs into each CCTV system remotely every hour and performs a number of maintenance checks, such as Camera Status, Disk and Recording Status, Time Accuracy, and more.


Issue Detection

Issues are detected and reported when they occur, and service teams can be sent Status Report emails showing which systems require remedial action. We check your systems on your behalf so your staff doesn’t have to.



Our system health checker costs just €12.99 per system per month. Discounts are available for multi-site operators. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

CCTV as an Asset

| Our Goal

One of our core goals as an organization is to help our customers to recognize the real value of their CCTV system as an asset of their business. Many organizations adopt the “fit and forget” approach to their camera networks once they have been installed. Cameras are too often installed purely as a deterrent to theft and other crimes. They are installed and often forgotten until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, with this approach, issues may have gone undetected resulting in operational issues within the system. This can often mean that evidence is not properly recorded or retained. As such, it cannot be used when it is needed most.

| Suite of solutions

The suite of solutions offered by Komply enables our clients to use their CCTV systems efficiently to mitigate risk, defend insurance or legal claims and share evidence securely. All while saving both time and money.

| We will Ensure You

We will help you to ensure that your CCTV system is a highly productive asset of your business, saving you many multiples of what it costs to install and maintain.

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