Secure Evidence Sharing

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Our bespoke evidence sharing platform facilitates evidence sharing between relevant stakeholders both internally and externally. This allows your team to share evidence and construct a case file in a safe, secure and compliant manner.

Our “ digital chain of evidence”, will generate the one true log of who has ad access to what data, when and where. This log alongside our access restrictions will help to greatly reduce exposure to potential data breaches. Furthermore will prove the veracity of the footage when required for legal or insurance purposes.

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Our end to end Video Evidence Management platform enables businesses to use their CCTV systems efficiently to mitigate risk, defend insurance claims and ultimately save both time and money.


Komply enables all relevant stakeholders both internal and external to access data in a secure, compliant manner whilst avoiding financially costly and reputationally damaging data breaches.


By eliminating the use and sharing of USB keys and other such storage devices, the costs of individual case management as well as the undeniable associated risks will also decrease.


Our “ digital chain of evidence” will build the one true log of who has had access to the data, when, and most importantly for what purpose.


All of these elements combined man that our clients can rely upon their evidence and the manner in which it has been stored and accessed at the most critical of times