Smart Cities Solutions

  • Does your business have street facing CCTV cameras?
  • Do you receive regular requests for access to footage from A Garda Siochana or local authorities?
  • Would you like to contribute to improving your local environment by providing this evidence in a timely manner?
  • Would you like to do his without impacting your day-to-day business activities or taking up your already limited time?

Komply can help.


Our Fast-growing smart Cities platform hosts a network of street facing cameras on behalf of the business who own them.


For a fixed, affordable annual fee, Komply will host street facing cameras on behalf of our clients and handle any digital evidence management services in ireland or others requests from A Garda Siochana on behalf of our clients.


Contact us today to see how this solution can save you time and money and allow you to concentrate wholly on your core business while contributing to your local community.